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World Cup 2010

Cape Rustic Tours provides day tours in and around Cape Town, South Africa. This includes wine tastings, touring the spectacular Cape Peninsula and even short Safari trips for those with limited time available. Or if you have your own destinations in mind a custom made tour can be designed. So if you want to learn more about Cape Town and not pay a fortune for it then join us for a day trip. We’ll take you to any of the beautiful and popular destinations around Cape Town in African style

The Soccer World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. In 2010 this great event will be hosted by South Africa and this will be a first for the African continent. Cape Town will be fortunate enough to host nine world cup matches, including the semi finals.
We are all optimistic that our stadiums and infrastructure will be ready for our visitors. Besides, South Africa has already hosted two world cup competitions: the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and the Cricket World Cup 2003 and both events were great sucesses. But if the train or the bus is maybe a bit late, at least the African parties will be good.
A total of ten stadiums in nine cities will host world cup matches in South Africa. The opening match and the finals will be held in Soccer City in Johannesburg. Here a new stadium which can hold 100 000 spectators will be constructed.
Construction and upgrades on the stadiums started in early 2007 and progress can be checked out at SouthAfrica.info. Book your flights and accommodation as early as possible. Even if you don’t get tickets to watch a game in a stadium, there will be many venues showing the games live with beer tents, food courts, entertainment and much more.
The stadium in Cape Town will be built in Greenpoint which is close to the V&A Waterfront, city centre and the harbour. The existing stadium was demolished and a completely new stadium with a retractable roof and a capacity of 70 000 will be constructed in its place. It will host six first round matches, one second round match, one quarter final and one semi-final. For a live update on construction progress at the Greenpoint Stadium check out.
Cape Rustic Tours will have various 2010 package tours available during this time so contact us in advance to make your booking early.